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Final Inspection Recommendations FOR

New Construction & Rehabbed Residences

New construction and rehab renovations have unique conditions that affect the inspection process. Unlike older residences, the inspection emphasis for new construction is on proper installation of components and project completion. Evaluating the proper installation and function of components and systems is what your home inspector is trained to do. Project completion is just as critical but must be addressed before your inspection is scheduled.

In order for a meaningful final inspection to occur, the new residence must be completely finished, clean, and in “move-in” condition. Conditions that don’t meet this simple definition are not only unacceptable but are likely to result in an incomplete or postponed inspection. Both scenarios may involve additional inspection fees and/or delays. In addition, we recommended that the final inspection occur several days prior to “closing” so that items needing correction can be completed and rechecked by the new homeowner or their inspector before the purchase is final.

It is important that your real estate agent, the listing agent, and the builder are all aware that you expect the inspection conditions to be completely finished, clean, and in “move-in” condition. It is these site conditions that dictate when the final inspection can occur, (not arbitrary calendar date) so the cooperation of the builder is critical.

What you, the new home buyer, should ask about in the days leading up to your final inspection and closing:

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What may happen if the final inspection is done before your new residence is completely finished, clean and in “move- in” condition?

We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients and the only way for that to happen is when site conditions permit a complete and meaningful final inspection to occur.

Some inspection companies may be less stringent about site conditions at the time of the final inspection than we are, so if circumstances prevent the home from being completely finished, clean and in “move-in” condition we prefer that you retain the services of another inspection company